Censorship is not going to get us out of the Pandemic

I wonder why this happened? Actually, I don’t.

Surely, it’s not related to the now scrubbed hospitalization and death rates broken down by Vaccine status?


Does this show a higher death rate in Partially vaccinated from Covid-19? Yes.

It’s in line with the data Pfizer silently released in June of a negative efficacy of ~10% for single dosed recipients who were Positive without symptoms on the day of the vaccination.

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In their misguided attempt to manipulate the public, instead of thinking about why this was happening and trying to take corrective measures, the government decided to lie by omission.

They changed the dataset on website dashboard to cases from 1st May to September 30th instead. This is what we call cherry picking.

However, this backfired for the anti-scientific data manipulators worse than hiding the data, because it gave us a snapshot of the state since September 10th when they stopped reporting cases and hospitalizations by Vaccination status.

Singapore started boosters on September 8th I think. The cases started shooting up in the fully vaccinated and so they stopped reporting the breakdown a few days later. The only reason they were reporting the breakdown in the past was because they wanted to demonstrate that “Breakthrough Cases” are rare when a cluster of breakthrough cases were found in May after a long period of no cases before Mass Vaccination push.

The truth is that we have very little understanding right now about the intricate interplay between susceptibility, immune response, vaccination and changes in background rate of the infection. All the epidemiologists are pretending to know what’s happening instead of being scientific and empirical and humble in the face of great danger.

Currently, since the AY.23 variant took over Singapore, the death rate in partially vaccinated has slowly creeped up. I believe it’s happening because both single dose and double dosed before 14 days who may have had a latent infection are reacting very poorly to the vaccine and often dying.

At this moment, when the virus is raging, looking for new hosts in immunocompromised positions, it’s the duty of the government to not hide these facts from the public and push them into doing something they should really really think about. If one is infected and they do not know it, they might really injure themselves if they vaccinate. The chances of this happening is higher when we are in an outbreak!